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“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” - Joseph Pilates

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About Sculpt Pilates and Barre

Sculpt Pilates and Barre is a full service boutique Pilates and Barre Studio conveniently located on N Front St in Harrisburg, PA. At Sculpt we strongly believe in the mind body connection of Pilates and how beneficial it is for both of those things being combined to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. We take pride in offering classes like no other classes around. Our instructors create each class to reflect their own personalities so before clients step foot into the Studio, they know exactly what they are getting. Clients can choose group classes, semi-private duet sessions, or private sessions with the instructor they feel is best suited to them. Additionally, Sculpt is proud to be the only studio in this area to offer classes on Fuse Ladders! We also have classical studio Reformers with Infinity Revo footbars that allow us to accommodate clients of all heights, including children, as well as clients who have injuries or limited mobility. Our instructors are highly trained and have backgrounds in sports, ballet, dance and marathon running which allows them to help you become your best version of yourself. Whether you choose to take privates, duets, Barre, mat, group or circuit classes you will not be disappointed with the quality and level of instruction. Clients of all fitness levels and ages are encouraged to come try us out. We can't wait to see you and have you get Sculpted with us!!

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About Us:

Beth Seitz


Physical fitness was never an integral part of my life and I figured it likely never would be until I found Pilates.  After having my son, Parker I quickly realized the 70 pounds I had gained during pregnancy wasn't "all baby" like I had hoped!  I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape and feeling like my old self, but I just couldn't wrap my head around adding an exercise program to the already hectic schedule of having a newborn.  I stumbled across Pilates accidentally while watching TV in the middle of the night and ordered the set of DVD's without much expectation they would really work.  Within a few sessions I couldn't believe the benefits I felt and saw from Pilates.  I figured adding the personal connection of taking Pilates at a studio with an instructor could only add to the experience so I began private and class instruction, as well.  It honestly has been life changing and I truly believe it's something everyone should incorporate into their lives on a regular basis, regardless of age.  Not only did I lose the baby weight in 4 short months, but I felt more mentally clear and in control than ever before.  That was 17 years ago and I still feel the same today.  

When I decided to open Sculpt Pilates and Barre I made the difficult decision to put teaching on the back burner in order to give 110% to the business side of things.  While I miss not teaching my clients, it was extremely important to me that they had access to the best client service, equipment, amenities and overall experience that a boutique fitness studio provides.  I appreciate the support and loyalty from every single client of Sculpt and will always focus on improving their studio experience.

Cari Glunz



Who I am is always changing and evolving, so are my classes. Boredom is not an option with Pilates. My mission is to assist you in reaching your goals by providing individualized and challenging total body conditioning. My teaching style is classical, technical, and demonstrative. I strive to be of service to all my clients by encouraging you to be empowered and kind to yourself. As my client you will be able to embody and share your self confidence.


My journey began with classical ballet and modern dance training. As a dancer I was introduced to Pilates. Pilates is everything, it brings out the happiest version of myself and I want to share that experience with you. Clients come in and leave happy, and that is life changing at it’s best. Pilates is a complimentary workout for daily conditioning, injury prevention, cross training, and rehabilitation. I’m Pilates obsessed, come experience the welcoming atmosphere in good company. Everyone loves that next day burn!

Jessi Feltenberger

Maintaining a healthy body and fit mind are essential to living a fulfilling life!  Pilates has been a positive and influential piece of my life since 2015.  


My personal Pilates journey started while I was finishing my B.S. at Central Penn College.  My master plan was to conduct classes alongside pursuing a career in my field of study. Since then I have been instructing Pilates full-time for 3 years. Funny how those “life plans” work!

I have completed a comprehensive training program consisting of 450 hours of teaching, participating and observing classical Pilates movement. I plan to obtain my Pilates Method Alliance certification in the near future.

My classes are energetic and combine classical exercises with innovative variations.  I intentionally incorporate fluidity into the movement as it is imperative to keeping your body and mind engaged. Above all I am committed to delivering a class deserving of your time and effort. 


As an instructor I aspire to motivate, challenge and encourage my clients every day. I am beyond grateful for their recommendations, compliments and critiques – as they help me strive to become a stronger, more efficient trainer.

When I am not busy doing Pilates I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking and gardening. Technically I am using that degree – I co-own Plantscapes by Design; a mother-daughter run plant design service. We offer both container and landscape designs as well as facilitate home planting parties, fundraisers and team-building workshops.

To wrap this up I am sarcastic, spirited and the first to crack a joke in class. I consider myself a food enthusiast – meaning I will devour anything you put in front of my face. My best friends have fur and feathers – my soulmate (yellow lab) Lacey, my rescue (cat) Perry and my flock of poultry.

Lastly family is what keeps me grounded and inspire me to be my best each day.

See you in class!


Nicole Cassel

I began my fitness career about 16 years ago by obtaining a certification in group indoor cycling. From there, I moved on to obtaining certifications in TRX suspension training, Mat & Equipment Pilates, Barre, Group Fitness and Personal Training. Throughout the years, I have taught a variety of fitness classes, with my favorites being Pilates and Boot Camp, along with beginner and intermediate running programs. I like to adapt my class offerings to provide clients a well-rounded approach to exercise and properly caring for their bodies.


I received my B.S. in Marketing from Albright College and a Masters of Education in Training and Development from Penn State Harrisburg. I believe learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination! It was at Albright where I put my love of running to the test by joining the cross country team, which provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself with longer distances and faster paces. As I have matured, I’ve gained a new appreciation for strength training, stretching, and really focusing on the importance of a strong core – and this is exactly how I realized that Pilates was a perfect fit for my fitness goals!


I am very enthusiastic about fitness and helping others achieve new goals. I enjoy assisting them with living a healthy lifestyle. Knowing that I can help make a difference in another person’s life is what motivates me to teach and train others. I love knowing that someone who never knew what a teaser was – let alone had the abdominal strength to perform one – can now master the move, even adding in props for increased difficulty, and I had a part in helping them reach success! I like to challenge my clients, but also be there to support them throughout the entire process of transforming not only their body, but their perception of what they see when they look in the mirror. I rely on my background in adult education and utilize learning theories to create fun classes and workouts for my clients that will motivate and inspire.


The majority of my free time is spent running or hitting the gym, going on biking/hiking adventures with friends or visiting a fun winery that offers a relaxed setting with a great view!

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