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Physical fitness was never an integral part of my life and I figured it likely never would be until I found Pilates.

After having my son, Parker I quickly realized the 70 pounds I had gained during pregnancy wasn't "all baby" like I had hoped! I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape and feeling like my old self, but I just couldn't wrap my head around adding an exercise program to the already hectic schedule of having a newborn. I stumbled across Pilates accidentally while watching TV in the middle of the night and ordered the set of DVDs without much expectation they would really work. Within a few sessions, I couldn't believe the benefits I felt and saw from Pilates. 

I figured adding the personal connection of taking Pilates at a studio with an instructor could only add to the experience, so I began private and class instruction. Pilates has been life changing and I truly believe it's something everyone should incorporate into their lives on a regular basis, regardless of age. Not only did I lose the baby weight in 4 short months, but I felt more mentally clear and in control than ever before. That was almost 19 years ago, and I still feel the same today.  

​When I first opened Sculpt, I made the difficult decision to put teaching on the back burner. Now, I am back to my roots of teaching and love connecting with my clients. I appreciate the support and loyalty from every single client and will always focus on improving their studio experience.



Cari is a Pilates and Barre coach for the Central Pennsylvania region based out of the Sculpt Pilates and Barre Studio in Harrisburg and she's eager to improve your body awareness. Cari strongly believes in the philosophy that, we have one body to take care of, and that body has to serve us our entire lifetime.


Cari was first introduced to Pilates during her dance training. As an adult and mother she rediscovered how Pilates empowered her to take control of her wellness and realize the transformative properties of Pilates.


As your body coach she uses her over 500 hrs of Pilates training to help you achieve your peak potential using the mind and body connection. Pilates is a system of physical and mental exercises that we can use to bring harmony and balance to your body. As a Pilates instructor she loves showing how Pilates can do amazing things for your body: strengthening, improving balance, proprioception, coordination, flexibility and building a stronger core.


Come experience the daily conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention and cross training properties of Pilates with Cari Linn.

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As a trainer and coach, I aspire to motivate, challenge and encourage my clients every day.

Throughout my life I’ve personally used several wellness initiatives, particularly exercise, to rehabilitate my mind and redefine my body. I advocate for constant and consistent movement.

I am a foodie. After the knowledge I gained as a nutrition coach I no longer use food as a punishment/reward and instead consume meals to fuel my lifestyle.

I have completed a comprehensive training program consisting of 450 hours of teaching, participating and observing classical Pilates movement. I plan to obtain my Pilates Method Alliance certification in the near future.

My classes are energetic and combine classical exercises with strength training moves for maximum benefit. I intentionally incorporate fluidity into the movement as it is imperative to keeping your body and mind engaged. Above all I am committed to delivering a class deserving of your time and effort.

Based on the professional experience I have accumulated (over 7 years in the industry) I can confidently and effectively design, implement and navigate client wellness programs. From altered body composition to strength training to functional movement I will create a personalized strategy to help you execute your goals.


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