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In our classes you get every kind of workout tied into one - toning + cardio + stretching. We create our classes based on what you need and what we know you’ll love. We’re admittedly Pilates-fanatics but that doesn’t mean we shy away from other effective exercise styles or think Pilates is all you need. Workouts at Sculpt are modern, high energy and endlessly creative so you can expect to find barre, circuit, cardio and stretching infused into the workouts.

Class size is purposefully kept small, so you better believe you're going to get personal guidance with form and hands-on attention. If you love Pilates equipment classes, barre classes AND want to do personal training there's no need to choose between your loves - we offer them all.  When taken consistently, our classes produce noticeable change in a minimal amount of time. Add in some non Pilates strength training classes with weights for a full body burn that compliments your Pilates routine or book a Personal Training or private Pilates session to kick those results into even higher gear.


Full disclosure: classes at Sculpt have been shown to be highly addicting. Ready to get your fix? 


Fun, creative, smart, unique and passionate - this is how we describe our instructors and their complete love of all things Pilates and fitness! Combining the results of modern cardio and strength training with the full body workout that Pilates is best known for is what makes us tick.

Our teachers all hold 500 hours or more in  certifications, a drive to help you achieve your goals, a commitment to exercise science and a positive upbeat attitude. Classes at Sculpt take the teachings of classical Pilates and combine them with creative, results-driven elements of cardio and circuit training. Our method offers an all-in-one approach that allows you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 


If you like fun, but challenging workouts that leave you beaming, super sweaty and ready to make change in your body and life - we are the studio for you!


Our contagious enthusiasm for moving our bodies is fused into our classes, bringing you creative and inspiring workouts that give the results you need and want, while having a blast doing it. 

At Sculpt, we fuse the gap between exclusive private Pilates sessions and large group classes. Our combination of Pilates equipment and non-impact exercises shape and sculpt the body safely and efficiently in a small group class setting, so you can expect to see results quickly. Form and alignment is emphasized. One-on-one attention is ensured. We also offer personal training sessions so you can get everything you need at one location because who doesn't love convenience? Our squad is committed to making you the strongest, happiest and healthiest you yet.

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