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Maintaining a healthy body and fit mind are essential to living a fulfilling life!  Pilates has been a positive and influential piece of my life since 2015.  


My personal Pilates journey started while I was finishing my B.S. at Central Penn College.  My master plan was to conduct classes alongside pursuing a career in my field of study. Since then I have been instructing Pilates full-time for 3 years. Funny how those “life plans” work!

I have completed a comprehensive training program consisting of 450 hours of teaching, participating and observing classical Pilates movement. I plan to obtain my Pilates Method Alliance certification in the near future.

My classes are energetic and combine classical exercises with innovative variations.  I intentionally incorporate fluidity into the movement as it is imperative to keeping your body and mind engaged. Above all I am committed to delivering a class deserving of your time and effort. 


As an instructor I aspire to motivate, challenge and encourage my clients every day. I am beyond grateful for their recommendations, compliments and critiques – as they help me strive to become a stronger, more efficient trainer.

When I am not busy doing Pilates I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, hiking and gardening. Technically I am using that degree – I co-own Plantscapes by Design; a mother-daughter run plant design service. We offer both container and landscape designs as well as facilitate home planting parties, fundraisers and team-building workshops.

To wrap this up I am sarcastic, spirited and the first to crack a joke in class. I consider myself a food enthusiast – meaning I will devour anything you put in front of my face. My best friends have fur and feathers – my soulmate (yellow lab) Lacey, my rescue (cat) Perry and my flock of poultry.

Lastly family is what keeps me grounded and inspire me to be my best each day.

See you in class!

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